Knowledge Is Power. Make Machine Learning Your Superpower


Knowledge Is Power. Make Machine Learning Your Superpower

Enabling the Team

Spotify has used Machine Learning solutions in its products since the early days. Recommending content is the most obvious place where Machine Learning solutions flourished at Spotify early on. We had seen the benefits of ML powered solutions and had a large appetite for delivering more value to our customers. But we also saw the costs of democratizing Machine Learning solutions across the organization. We knew that Machine Learning solutions require a conscious, informed decision by all stakeholders of a product.
So how did Spotify promote exploration and conscious use of Machine Learning?
We will share 3 lessons learnt a year of running a Machine Learning training for all members of RnD from product to research, to engineering and design.

Ekaterina Garbaruk Monnot

Ekaterina Garbaruk Monnot, Director of Product,Pleo

Maya Bogdanova

Maya Bogdanova, Senior Education Program Manager,Spotify