Internal Tools Deserve Better UX

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Internal Tools Deserve Better UX

08:00 - 08:25 (UTC)

Continuous Delivery

A majority of tools that engineers and developers use on a day-to-day basis are internal and proprietary. Most of the time they suffer from poor UX because there was no design thinking process involved as they were being developed. Interestingly, users of such tools are mostly complacent and are not as vocal as users of consumer-facing products, maybe because we have learned to live with the fact that internal tooling are utilities, and they are not supposed to be user-friendly.
Improving the UX of internal tools could directly benefit the users and improve their productivity, thereby saving cost for the company.

However, UX overhaul of internal tooling is challenging because of various factors. Some of them include; a lack of budget for internal UX; a lack of design thinking amongst developers; legacy/proprietary technology with little to benchmark the UX against. Siva specializes in improving the usability of internal/productivity tools. He has successfully led UX teams to reimagine long running, legacy applications used by thousands of Microsoft engineers and managers.

In this talk, Siva articulates the impact of neglecting UX of internal tools, and also shows approaches that can be taken to overcome the challenges and successfully drive a UX transformation process.