How Product-led Organisations Do Things Differently


How Product-led Organisations Do Things Differently

Product Direction

The most successful companies are product driven. Product-led organisations yield increased collaboration and agility, faster innovation, and higher revenues. The ways the teams are set up will influence what problems and opportunities are tackled and how the product teams collaborate. If the structure is flawed, teams will be cognitively overloaded and work inefficiently and ineffectively. So how do you set up an organisation in a way that maximizes impact creation for the company?
Moderated by Marcus Andrews, this session will discuss key differences in how product-led organisations are structured and tackle problems to achieve alignment at a product, team and organisational level. You’ll learn key insights on how to create a high impact product organisation.

Jose Manuel Villanueva López

Jose Manuel Villanueva López, Principal For Organizational Change,ThoughtWorks

Marcus Andrews

Marcus Andrews, Director of Product Marketing,Pendo

Snjezana Momic

Snjezana Momic, Director, UK&I Business Partner,Global payments

Panagiotis Liaros

Panagiotis Liaros, Senior Product Manager,Philips