Grow a Design Team in a Non-Design-Driven Environment

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Grow a Design Team in a Non-Design-Driven Environment

Continuous Design
UXDX Community Europe East 2022

Design-driven approach refers to organizations that not only understand and take advantage of the impact of UX at a business level, but also the organizations that incorporate a UX-like-mindset and processes across all levels.
With the ongoing and constant growth of Uber, there are newly established teams that are yet to define their UX necessity and evaluate the appropriate steps to do so. That was the case and need for the Uber's Tax and Compliance team, which had to figure out their way though growing a design team in a non-design-driven environment.
Hear more about what such challenges might look like in a large-scale organization, what are the steps to overcome them and how to approach non-design-driven environments in general.