Frameworks: When, Why, And When To Move On


Frameworks: When, Why, And When To Move On

Product Direction

We’ve heard them all - Double Diamond, Basecamp Cycles, Intercom Product Management, Lean Canvas, Scrum, the list goes on. But what does frameworks mean for the individual person; the team; for the organisation? This panel will discuss the value of “trendy” vs valuable long-term approaches for when it comes to framework implementation and ongoing management including;

  • How individuals can adapt to the new frameworks seamlessly
  • Adapting the team, processes and company culture
  • One size does not fit all - how to prepare accordingly
  • Challenges to look out for
Leonard Kongshavn

Leonard Kongshavn, Global Product Lead,Google

Tristan Charvillat

Tristan Charvillat, VP, Design & Customer Engagement,BlaBlaCar

Chantal Botana

Chantal Botana, VP Product, Consumer Experience,Mews

Mihaela Draghici

Mihaela Draghici, Associate Director at Volkswagen SDC:LX,Volkswagen Digital Solutions