Disrupting Large Company Culture With Startup Product Thinking


Disrupting Large Company Culture With Startup Product Thinking

Product Direction

Even if a brand is established in its region, it needs to keep up with modern technology in order to stay on the market. Gaurav Sachdeva, explains how he married his previous experiences from Grab, Adobe and Synopsys with the work done in Singapore Press Holdings to revamp and redesign the products available on the market. He steered Singapore's largest media conglomerate into a digital future through app development, digitisation of assets and maximising product-market-fit. Gaurav is not only reinvigorating existing products but also launching innovative initiatives powered by A.I., NLP, Machine Learning, Design Thinking & customer-empathy.

In his talk Gaurav will discuss:

  • The faith he has in his principles and how they apply to all his roles
  • The digitisation of established products and innovative process to create new ones
  • How to use startup product thinking to change a large company for the better
Gaurav Sachdeva

Gaurav Sachdeva, Chief Product Officer,Singapore Press Holdings