Designing the Conversation: Gaining Access to Impacted People

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Designing the Conversation: Gaining Access to Impacted People

Continuous Discovery

One of the largest hurdles in design is simply having the right conversation with the right people. The ability to interact with the actual users of the product is often blocked by clients, for reasons like “risk” and “brand reputation”. There is no bigger risk, and no greater irresponsibility, than to not interface with those who will be affected by your design.
In this talk, Bujuanes Livermore will share how she navigates customer relationships and designs the conversation to unblock this challenge. She will also recommend next steps for when that first conversation meets with too much resistance, as well as how to navigate those waters effectively and professionally through designing experiments and highlighting risks in an assumptions grid. Learn some of the lessons and ‘stealth mode’ tactics in designing that conversation with the client from one of the leaders in the field, the Head of Research & Design in Data, Intelligence & Design at Microsoft with over X years of experience.