Designing a Single Experience for Different Users


Designing a Single Experience for Different Users

Continuous Design

At Kaplan, Raina was tasked, alongside a digital transformation team, to shift the in-person learning experience for tens of thousands of students to virtual classes. There were many elements at play with a culture shift to being product-led, a business looking to define the ROI of continuous innovation and a single customer experience being designed to serve learners across 10 different courses. So how did Raina's team design and advocate for a single customer-centric UX?
In this session, Raina will talk about her journey through this transformation and touch on:

  • Why the team moved from using personas to mindsets in order to create successful and consistent user experiences.
  • The metrics for UX she developed to measure success throughout the process, and
  • The challenges she encountered in this journey and learnings she picked up along the way
Raina Mehta

Raina Mehta, Head of Product & User Experience,Kaplan