Design Systems

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Design Systems

Continuous Delivery

This Masterclass looks at how organisations with advanced design applications including automotive, aerospace, marine, industrial and big data can leverage Design Systems

Through real-world use cases, plus showing tools, techniques, methods we'll examine how to reduce cost and time to assemble and operate digital products and platforms at a larger scale by using design systems.

We'll aim to answer:

How can advanced technology businesses master multi-team design at scale?
How to reduce time and cost to assemble and operate digital platforms?
What does best-practice design systems look like?
How to deliver consistency of UX without constraining creativity of UI?
How to curate and grow design systems - method and models?

We’ll look at how to structure design systems, components, patterns and how to work with data visualisation. We’ll explore best practices, guidelines, principles and frameworks underpinning effective design systems at enterprise scale.

John Bevan

John Bevan, Creative Director,Bejo