Design Ops: How do you Scale


Design Ops: How do you Scale

As you grow your product teams, how do you avoid reinventing the wheel and ensuring the design function can operate as efficiently as possible.
Moderated by Nadia Udalova, join the conversation, share your insights and probe the speakers on the elements of their talks that left you wanting more.

Hayley Hughes

Hayley Hughes, Design Director,Nike

Patrycja Rozmus

Patrycja Rozmus, Design System Lead,Brainly

Guillermo Martinez

Guillermo Martinez, Head of DevOps,Accenture Business Agility

Miriam Soesan

Miriam Soesan, Interaction Design Lead,Accenture Business Agility

Nadia Udalova

Nadia Udalova, Head of Product Design,Moonpig