Creating Connected Remote Teams


Creating Connected Remote Teams

Continuous Delivery

As a part of the fully remote team at OLX Group, Piotr, a frontend engineer and his team were tasked to migrate the legacy frontend codebase to the new technology stack. In this journey they were presented with many challenges - specifically how to ensure efficient and consistent communication between remote team members.
In this talk, Piotr will talk through what practices his team are following in order to get a better understanding of development processes and project decisions and how it creates a more cohesive remote team. Topics that will be covered in the talk:

  • What tools they used to ensure efficiency and how they document their code changes;
  • What challenges they encountered and how they approached this;
  • How they were able to scale the process as the team grows, and
  • Future improvements that he can foresee the team adopting
Piotr Nalepa

Piotr Nalepa, Frontend Engineer,OLX Group