Creating A Collaborative Culture In N26


Creating A Collaborative Culture In N26

Continuous Design

Collaboration is a term often thrown around to represent an agile product team but what is collaboration at work. With this talk, uncover collaboration from different perspectives of the N26 product team.

  • Josh will start off by sharing N26's best practices in designing interview guides. He will try to answer how to frame unbiased questions rooted in real-world scenarios to help understand your users.
  • Daniele will share N26's tips to create better collaboration between designers and developers to achieve better and faster products for your teams.
  • Chhavi will talk through the rituals of the N26 design team. By tracing the evolution of format, content, and learnings they've had along the way, you can find out how to build and most importantly, evolve these to suit your team.
  • Laura will help us navigate how to deal with partners and manage expectations. She will share some experiences in dealing with partners, key learnings and try to help you to prevent being in the believer position.
  • And lastly, Olivier will share the learnings of having regulation as your principal stakeholder. What happens when the consequence of getting it wrong does not result in people being unable to send a tweet, but in being unable to receive their salary? How do you make sure to get this right, while at the same time the law makes experimenting very hard? Olivier will explain how the Bank Products team at N26 adapted traditional product management techniques to a heavily regulated industry.
Olivier Maître

Olivier Maître, Senior Product Manager,N26

Daniele Sandri

Daniele Sandri, Senior Product Designer,N26

Laura de Bella

Laura de Bella, Software Developer,N26

Chhavi Shrivastava

Chhavi Shrivastava, Product Designer,Bumble

Josh Morales

Josh Morales, Senior User Researcher,N26