Color psychology for behavioral product design

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Knowledge / Inspiration

Color psychology for behavioral product design

20:30 - 21:00 (UTC) - Main Stage

Continuous Design
UXDX Community USA Online Series 2022

Historically, color psychology has been a big disappointment, with dicy science and a blogosphere full of bogus claims.

Product designers largely distrust the science, which may be why they've failed to notice that the color psychology of today is robust and insightful.

In this workshop, Brain Cugelman, PhD will share actionable insights from his upcoming book on using color for UX and behavioral design.

He'll share recent research from neuroscience and psychology that will change your understanding of how the human brain interprets color and how it influences our thoughts and emotions.

You'll learn how we can use principles from behavioral design to build psychology-inspired digital products that deliver business outcomes.

You'll learn:

  • What neuroscience reveals about color perception
  • What grabs and sustains user attention
  • How color forms cognitive associations and instant comprehension
  • How color triggers emotion, based on modern psychological theories
  • Why sRGB suck, and why CIE Lab in CSS is a game-changer
  • Using the Color Psychology Map to build intuitive, motivating, and healthy digital products


I have a tonne of content, and can tailor this based on your advice. Also, I like interactive exercises, so if we can make it more hands on, I’m up for it.