Building Product Teams of the Future In Africa


Building Product Teams of the Future In Africa

Enabling the Team

Product teams across the continent often look outwards for influence and inspiration. As tech markets like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa become more established as places of talent - whether it be design agencies to outsourced developer hubs - this session will discuss an exciting time in the tech industry as we take a look at key strengths and weaknesses across the continent for building great product teams.
Our panelists will explore the current state of the nation; from startups to enterprises, where it’s headed and who are the key players and how we can collectively shape a global offering that is unique to the continent

Eldad Nutako

Eldad Nutako, Co-Founder,UXGH

Dumebi Iwuchukwu

Dumebi Iwuchukwu, Head of Design,Big Cabal Media

Camille Kramer-Courbariaux

Camille Kramer-Courbariaux, Co-founder & Director