Applying UX Principles As A Product Owner


Applying UX Principles As A Product Owner

Enabling the Team

Claire has had a non-traditional path to her role as a product owner. Throughout this career path, she has learned that being a ‘Jack of all trades’ (or Jill!) has helped push her career forward and that being a generalist has allowed her not just to be a better PO but overall a better product leader.
In this talk, Claire will talk through:

  • What UX principles she recommends for product professionals to have a strong base on,
  • How has this helped her in her day-to-day role
  • What product principles she would have wanted to have known about earlier in her career, and
  • How being a T-shaped product owner has helped her democratise and create value in UX principles
Claire Thornewill

Claire Thornewill, Senior Web Performance Consultant,Netcentric