Mike De Boer

Mike De Boer

Engineering Manager


Engineering Manager at Mozilla, but really often imposts being a software engineer, open source enthusiast, writer, speaker, sailor or art lover. Working on Firefox is my fun past-time of choice at the moment, but there were times when I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Amsterdam startup scene, organise AmsterdamJS meetups, speak at technology conferences and work on many exciting projects and technologies that coined many a term before they became mainstream. It all started with an open mind that's always eager to wager a challenge and learn something new. I work from home full-time and live there with my wife, our little boy who's just over a year old and Jack Russell, Pippa. Sure, I'm bad at separating work and personal life!

Past Sessions

UXDX Community Amsterdam 2019

Watch Mozilla Firefox: How We Make Sh*T Work.

Mozilla Firefox: How We Make Sh*T Work.

Mike De Boer

Engineering Manager, Mozilla

In this talk Mike De Boer will talk about how he and his team design & build Firefox, the web browser. Mike will give an overview of what it takes for his team to go from feature to release for a project and highlight the important steps al...

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