Adrián Bolonio

Adrián Bolonio

Web Team Lead

willhaben internet service GmbH & Co KG

Adrián Bolonio is an experienced Web Team Lead, Frontend Developer, and Web Accessibility (a11y) advocate. He's from Spain, but since 2012 he's been living and working in Vienna (Austria). When he's not at the office he enjoys a good read, working his way through any delicious recipe, and indulging his love for travelling to new places.

Past Sessions

UXDX Community Eastern Europe 2020

Watch Testing Web Accessibility

Testing Web Accessibility

Adrián Bolonio

Web Team Lead, willhaben internet service GmbH & Co KG

When we develop a new web application, we often put a lot of work on the design, on making it beautiful and usable. In other words, we want our web app to be effective, efficient, and satisfying for the user. But a lot of times we don’t thi...

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