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UXDX Online

Combining the Benefits of a Conference with the Advantages of Online

How UXDX Online Works

(the night before)
Curated Content Release
Plenty of time for both Europeans and North Americans
---Watch Content at Your Pace
13:00Interactive sessions
18:00Rest, Relax and Refuel
20:00Curated Content Release

The Advantages of Online

The Best Curated Content

Curated Content at your Pace

UXDX Online has the same curated content but we release 5 hours of content each morning so you can watch in your preferred order and at your pace. No more FOMO when two sessions you wanted to see were scheduled at the same time!
Scheduled Speaker Interaction

More Interactive with the Speakers

Ever wish speakers from two talks could debate the subtle differences in their talks? Ever wish that you could get involved in that conversation? Every afternoon we run interactive sessions with speakers to give you that opportunity.
Upskill with  Interactive Workshops

Deep Dive Workshops

Upskill in the latest tools and methodologies for improving your flow. The workshops enable you to dive deeper than the talks and try out the new ways of working for yourself. And you get experience using the collaborative tools that you will need to use on the job as well so you'll be ready to hit the ground running when you get back to work.
UXDX Happy Hour - Meet People Who Share Your Interests

Different Networking - Same Benefit

Conferences are fantastic for networking - the chance encounters that lead to lifetime friendships. But it is hard to meet those who you can connect with. Our happy hours put you in control - join existing conversations in private chat rooms or propose your own. No more guessing if you have a connection - you already share the same problem!

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