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When you go through the checkout process select the invoice option.

Pay by Invoice Option


You will have 60 days to pay or until 1 week before the conference - whichever is sooner.  

Unfortunately we will have to void tickets which are not paid by the due date. 

Online events: yes. If your billing address is outside of the EU or if you enter a valid VAT Id then the VAT will be reverse charged.  

Physical events: no. The rules on conferences (article 53 of the amended sixth directive) are that you must charge VAT in the location of the "place of supply". This means that we must charge Irish VAT. I know this is a pain so I'm sorry, but our hands are tied. 

Yes - qualifying people can apply for a discount. 

Our definition of a freelancer is someone who is self-employed and is not committed to a single employer long -term (so this excludes contractors unfortunately).

Our definition of a startup is a company with less than 8 employees and is less than 3 years old.

Our definition of a student is someone who is in full time education (so this excludes people doing night courses unfortunately)

If you qualify just get in touch via the chat button in the bottom right. 

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. Although, you can change the ticket owner up to a week before the event.

2 days of inspiring talks with real actionable insights

Frederic Bidot

Product Owner , Retail InMotion

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