2018 Networking

Meet and connect with your peers from around the world.

Take part in the scheduled sessions

Have some fun and meet some of the amazing Product, UX, Design and Dev experts that have come together for UXDX from around the world.

Get to know a Peer

Have a chat with a fellow UXDX attendee
  • 2 minutes
    You get matched with a person for a 2 minute conversation so don't worry about getting stuck, but you can opt to extend if you want.
  • No small talk
    You get a product related question to talk about so you can skip teh weather conversation and really get to know the person.
  • Create a connection
    Who knows who you might meet, and where the new connection could take you and your career?

Keep the conversations going

Connect with the people you met, read about the latest trends in product development and build your profile in the community