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I’ve spent my life in and around teams, leadership, learning and performance.
Professionally, I have worked in Australia and NZ across organisations ranging from my own small business, government agencies, Not-for-Profit organisations, education through to large corporate organisations. Beyond this, my background includes semi-professional cricket in Australia and the UK as a player and coach as well as marathon running. I bring this passion for teams, leadership, learning and performance to the programs that I deliver.
This allows me to provide insight into organisations, where people’s experience is often bound to a particular sector (or even one organisation). I engage a combination of curiosity, pattern spotting and experience to join some dots and stretch thinking.
I love the opportunity to work with others and help them be more of who they are – what makes them unique and what sets them apart. This is not just true for individuals – teams and organisations are best when they design a way to be a better version of themselves rather than an imitation of others.
If you are keen to be better and do better, I’d love to have a chat. It’s very rare for me to decline an opportunity to chat about this stuff over coffee. It’s on me.

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