How UXDX Online Works

Re-imagining the agenda to deliver a better experience

A new Conference Format

Conferences are limited to a set number of days and the size of the conference venue. Online events are limited by how long a person can focus while watching sessions on a computer. After experimenting at more than 20 online events we've made some changes to the traditional format.

Conference timezone
Your timezone

On-Demand Talks

Netflix changed how TV shows are released. We're doing the same with our conference talks. We release a number of talks each evening so you can watch them in your own time, and in the order that best works for you.

More Control
Pause, rewind and re-play the most interesting points, watch talks at midnight or at midday, watch talks in double speed or at half speed. You're in control.
At a physical conference there are often multiple stages because there is limited time to fit in all of the content. Now you don't need to worry if two of your favourite talks are scheduled at the same time.

Live, Interactive Sessions

The value of a conference is getting to interact with the speakers sharing their insights as well as your fellow attendees.

Dig Depeer
Attend hands-on workshops, increase your skills and apply the learnings from the talks.
Resolve Differences
Often two speakers may differ slightly in their experiences and advice. We schedule live panels with the speakers from the evening before so that we can ask them to clarify their position.

Build your Network

Networking is tough - but study after study shows how it benefits your career and salary. THe best networking is serendipitous - so we help to create those chance encounters - just online.

Get visibility
Raise your profile in the community through insightful and useful comments in the chat on each stage. Click on an image in any chat to see the persons details. Be careful though - you could lower your profile with bad commetns or spam.
Expand your Network
Take part in our scheduled networking times to meet new people. And don't forget the golden rule of networking - think about what you can offer the other person.