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Here’s how we’ve structured it.

The Work

Researching with customers, ideating on solutions, validating your assumptions and building the product. This section covers all of the principles, techniques and activities required to build a world class product.

But which techniques should you adopt...

  • How does this apply to the way I work?

  • Will it suit the way our team works?

  • What can I stop doing if I start doing this?

You won't succeed in adopting a new technique or approach if you can't relate it to the way you work.

The Way of Working

There are lots of different methodologies and approaches out there. This section covers the different options as well as the ways of collaborating, sharing knowledge and governing teams.

But how do you support a product-team structure...

  • How do I empower teams without risking chaos?

  • Agile is great, but I still need estimates for the business case?

  • How does this scale?

You can't shift to outcome-focused product teams without the right conditions including a clear product vision, relevant and measurable goals, supporting leadership, and a culture that rewards experimentation.

A pictire of leaves connected to a tree trunk with strong roots supporting the tree

The Product and The Organisation

Every product and organisation is different but they share similar characteristics. These two sections cover how Product can inspire with a clear vision and goals, and the Organisation can support with the right culture, architecture and leadership.

But how do you shift your company culture?

  • How do I get finance to fund teams instead of projects?

  • How do I assesss individual performance in teams?

  • Do I have to do a big bang rearchitecture of our product?

Organisations, once successful, have a vested interest in protecting the status quo. Change is hard - but possible. Motivating people with the benefits of new approaches is necessary, but not enough. Unless you make it easy to change nothing will happen.

Change is what we do

Helping companies shift from projects to product teams

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Dennis Schmidt
Dennis Schmidt
Product Designer, COYO

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